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TOR | X-Raiders Unite!

Hello, fellow X-Raiders!

If you've been paying attention to the news section recently, we´ve started a Republic guild in Star Wars The Old Republic. We're located on the Ahto City server and trying to get things going at the moment.

Recruiting for a existing guild isn't that hard, very much people are looking for a PvP/PvE guild, such as this one. BUT! Our guild has not yet been created. Why?

Well, to create a guild you need a party of four and there simply isn´t as many who wants to join a party first in order to join a guild. Party usually disbands in search for more members that takes quite alot of time. So I need your help!

If you guys, even the ones who aren´t interested in joining X-Raiders on Ahto City could just come online on Ahto City and look up Lena or add necrandea on Xfire so we could create a party and finally get this guild going, that would be most appriceated!


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TOR | The Old Republic

A new Division is born!

Started since Dec 15 (pre-order), the new TOR Division takes place in the most recent Star Wars installement MMORPG "The Old Republic".

Lead by Deaval (founder of the Deate Corporation) and Vampyre, this new Division takes place in the "Ahto City" server, Republic side.

For thoses who have been mourning the slow death of Jedi Academy, this may be your best chance to weild the Saber again!

--> The official TOR Web Site is still under conception but should be ready shortly!

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