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GTAO | Crew Update

Greetings all!

With GTA V's release, its no wonder the popularity that the Online version has acquired among gamers around the world.

Although only available on Console for now (360/PS3), I have created a Rockstar SocialClub "crew" for X-Raiders and have been actively playing since its Online release on October first (Single Player being the only thing available since September 17) and frankly, its has been quite fun!

This is why I extend this invitation for everyone in the X-Raiders Network who currently owns a console and GTA V to come and join the fun online with the X-Raiders Crew!

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Facebook Forum

The X-R Forum (www.x-raiders.net/forum and Archive at www.x-raiders.net/forum2) has always been an important place for most of us. Keeping communications possible among various timezones and difficult schedules, this magnificent communication tool has allowed players from around the world to maintain a dialog among the team and helped greatly to coordinate group events such as Tournaments and more.

Although very convenient, social communications have evolved greatly in the past 10 years and we have seen many great tools come and die (R.I.P. MSN) but one change that seems to be quite strong now is undeniably Facebook.

Seeing that everyone is mostly on Facebook, I have come to the conclusion that it might be a good idea to test the viability of a Facebook-powered Forum as opposed to my beloved NetForum.

So here it is,

Facebook Forum Test

www.x-raiders.net/forum/facebook (Also has mobile support)

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