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New Site

-=( New Layout )=-

The new X-Raiders Network web site is finally up! New style, new layouts for a new look!

This still serves as BETA or as a preview to what the Web Site will ultimatly look like and might still contain a couple of "Uncer Conception" web pages or sections.

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X-Raiders and uXa under the same name

-=( History )=-

June 22, The X-Raiders Team is celebrating their 5 years of existance. Since June 22 2002 on JK2 to June 22 2007, the "X-Raiders" name has always been associated to the Star Wars Univers. To workaround, we launched the uXa | Universal X-Raiders Army in fall 2005, propulsing the X-R's member into the world of MultiGaming by providing support and ressources for new Gaming Divisions. Some of thoses Divisions never made it up past couples months while other Divisions are still up and running today.

-=( A new name )=-

In concerns of the future of our new communauty, the "X-Raiders" name will now be liberated from the exclusivity of Star Wars themed games, replacing the uXa as main entity. Called The "X-Raiders Network", this Gaming Network will represent the ever growing communauty that has become the uXa and related Divisions.

This is a short list of some changes (or not) in the Divisions:

X-Raiders Network
X-R | JK3 (X-Raiders)
uXa | COD2
X-R | COD2 (xRaiders)
uXa | WoW
uXa | WoW
uXa | GW
uXa | GW
uXa | Halo
uXa | Halo
uXa | Halo2
uXa | Halo2
uXa | Alpha Force
X-R | Alpha Force

-=( Web Site changes )=-

Most main web sites that were under "www.uxarmy.net/<site>" (besides sites or Divisions that will remain under the name of uXa) will be moved to "www.x-raiders.net/<site>". The JK3 Web Site, previously under "www.x-raiders.net" will be moved to "www.x-raiders.net/jk3" or "www.x-raiders.tk".

-=( New Services )=-

The X-Raiders Network will start offering new services for their Divisions or contacts. For the moment our projects concerns:

- Web Mail

- Web Hosting

- Concept / Design

We will be expecting many more services and ressources in a near future.

-=( Sponsorship )=-

We have now started to support Sponsorship in particular Divisions, opening the doors to services exchanges and partenership with known names or companies. Implanted to increase the available ressources of our communauty, theses new changes will allow us to support and be supported.

Our first Sponsorship, quite spectacular, concerns Alienware and the Call of Duty 2 Division.

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