The Team


Being a X-Raiders isn't just being part of a Clan... it is a way of thinking, a value, a style. In the TEAM, you will learn about TEAMWORK. This word is our most valuable weapon. Being part of something is, sometimes, the only thing that keeps us from leaving. In JK3, being part of the TEAM is the only thing (or more!) that keeps us head-up in all situations... It will be our way of playing. Like I said often in Servers, we dunnot Recruit by Skill, but rather by Attitude...

X-Raiders is also about having fun! I know that it's not everybody that likes to train and be always better. That's why we also play for the joy... of playing! Using funny mods, making little contest, playing with cheats, trying tones and tones of downloaded files...

We only want you to be positive! (and never uninstall JK3)



Working together ...

We saw lots of different Herarchy around the JK2 Servers... Masters and Padawans, Admirals and Corporals, etc. I wanted to make a simple ranking system that would be easy to add to the name, like a number. A three spaces grade would be just perfect; "<#>" The higher you get in numbers, the higher you get in Ranks.

The Ranks


<-> : Commander, Generals & Founders of the X-Raiders, they have full authority. (Axis, Uxot, Kaldwen & M.o.D)
<5> : Col. Colonel: This is the highest rank available to members.
<4> : Cpt. Captain: They are Leaders of quality, Trainers and great Teamates.
<3> : Sgt. Sergeant: They can now recruit and allow people to officially join the Team.
<2> : Cpl. Corporal: They have proved their leadership (You get it easly if you host often).
<1> : Pvt. Private: Our standard fighters. The normal starting rank.
<0> : Rct. Recruit: They are starting to play the game and need basic trainings.




<X-R>Axis<X> <X-R>Uxot<X> <X-R>Exel<X>
<X-R>Uzel<X> <X-R>Axel<X>

- Usually, they will have a normal color sheme but this particularity specifies that they have transformed in their Syaxelian form (The Syaxel Story)



-They are the best players of the Team. Theirs specials skills have got them to the ULTIMATE LEVEL. Theses members concentrate more on getting better and better. They represente us in Tournament and will be our best hope agains the DemonEyes.




There are not just ranks in the herarchy of X-Raiders, there is also functions:

- Urban Fighter (UF): They are our "Area-sweeper". They are our soldier. They can survive in Urban War situation and are trained to win against multiples opponents. They can be called to clear a Duel Area, protect a certain Sector or just give a hard time to predators...

- Dueler (DL): They are our swordsman's. Our best Jedi and our Tournament Representant. They are highly trained in dueling techniques and can win in almost any context (well, trying to).

- Personal Security (PS): Bodyguard-like Protector, they Secure a entrance, protect a VIP or just guard on a spot. They are trained to "take the bullets of other". You are lucky if you have your own.

- Sniper (SN): Moving Target are there favorite activities. They are trained to fire (Instant Kill) any designed person on a map. They learned how to spot the best place for sniping and are used to quickly change position for a better "target view". Like we say, there are our "view to a kill".

Theses functions allows the player to have specialised training according to their function. Ranks can be allowed with skills in their respective function.